When it comes to building a garage, there are many options available to you. You can choose to build a simple storage building if space is limited. You can choose a larger structure or one with more features like a workshop, carport, or outdoor storage unit. It is important to consider your needs when making your decision so that you can have the best structure for your budget.

building a garage


Building a Garage – Planning Tips

Consider your reasons for wanting to build a garage. Decide if you will use the garage as a storage facility for your car or if you plan on using it for additional living space. Would you use a garage as a workshop, or are you planning on putting in new furniture? Will you eventually add a new workbench in it? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself before moving forward with building a garage apartment.

The average cost of constructing a garage is between two-thousand dollars and six-thousand dollars depending on the size and complexity of the project. If you live in a rural area it may be more affordable to build a one-car garage. This option typically offers an easy start up process and can usually be completed in one weekend. If you live in an urban area and want to build a two-car garage it will most likely take you between three-and four-weeks on average. Most two-car garages are equipped with ramps for access to cars and are relatively easy to construct. With proper planning and workmanship you should be able to finish your project in one weekend.