Building inspection Singapore is an important step in ensuring that our buildings are structurally safe and continue to be fit for their intended use and occupation throughout the life of the structure. Periodic structural inspections, conducted by professional engineers, help to ensure that our buildings remain structurally sound and do not pose safety risks to occupants, residents or visitors.

The inspection process focuses on checking the structural integrity of the building and its components, identifying any defects or signs of deterioration, and recommending rectification works to the building owner. Building owners should take note of the results of their structural inspection, and ensure that the recommended rectification work is carried out promptly.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance: The Importance of Building Inspection in Singapore

While it is true that periodic structural inspections are an integral part of overall building maintenance, suggestions that the Government should shoulder the cost of such inspections may be misguided. They do not fully grasp the concept of ownership responsibility for building maintenance, which is to be borne by the owners of the buildings.

The premise behind this is that if the building owners bear the cost of carrying out the inspections themselves, they will also be more mindful of the need to carry out the necessary maintenance. This will in turn help to improve the condition of the buildings, and also prevent the occurrence of serious accidents and fires. To improve the level of building maintenance, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has launched the Coordinated Maintenance of Buildings Scheme on a pilot basis since November 2000. The scheme aims to raise owners’ awareness of the importance of maintenance and to encourage them to organize themselves into groups to shoulder this responsibility.