Walk in chiller are effective solutions for storage and food safety, whether for a commercial or industrial business. They can be used to store frozen goods and canned products as well as fresh food and medicine, ensuring that all products remain safe for consumption or are kept at the right temperature for long-term storage.

The best walk-in coolers and freezers are insulated and designed to provide the correct temperature throughout the room. They also feature smart racking and shelving units that efficiently utilise space and ensure that items can be accessed easily. They also come with a variety of storage options, including strip curtains that prevent cold air from escaping and prevent outside air from entering the walk-in unit.

Chill Out: Understanding the Functions of a Walk-in Chiller

Another important consideration when choosing a walk-in unit is the materials it’s made of. Some of the most popular choices include G 90 galvanised steel, which has a good level of corrosion resistance and is more dent resistant than aluminum. However, it can be vulnerable to white rust when exposed to caustic cleaners or acidic foods.

If you are looking for a walk-in chiller or freezer, be sure to check the warranty conditions before making a purchase. Many suppliers offer up to 50 years of warranty on their refrigeration units, demonstrating that they are a trustworthy company. Also, make sure that the thermometer is calibrated before storing any food in your new walk-in. An inaccurate thermometer could result in costly product losses and lead to a failed health inspection.