Native Cigarettes Canada and sold by First Nations communities are often substantially cheaper than those purchased at retail gas stations and convenience stores in Canada. This is because they are made from locally-sourced burley and flue-cured tobaccos, which cost less to produce than the imported tobaccos used in many commercial cigarettes. Additionally, native smokes are made without the additives found in most commercial brands, which reduces production costs and allows for higher volume sales, resulting in even greater savings for consumers.

The smoke shacks on the Mohawk reserve at Akwesasne have become a booming business, attracting visitors from across the country and putting the local economy on the map. But the operation is controversial, too. The Mohawks are fighting the government to keep the factory open, arguing that it offers a safe and healthy alternative for smokers who are too sick or too poor to afford legal cigarettes.

Exploring the History of Native Cigarettes in Canada

Critics are also concerned that the operation sucks in illicit tobacco tax revenues that could otherwise be used to pay for public health services. The OPP’s recent Project Cairnes bust of a contraband tobacco operation in Oakville, Ontario, with Kahnawake ties reveals that the federal, provincial and HST taxes lost on the cigarettes are a significant part of the revenue cigarette manufacturers generate from sale to distributors like Grand River Enterprises (GRE).

GRE’s sales to retail stores and online outlets in Canada have allowed the company to make a name for itself as a supplier of cheap native smokes. But the company is only one of many – and many First Nations smokes are available for purchase in Ontario. The best place to buy native cigarettes in Ontario is at Cig Cartel, where customers can choose from a wide selection of quality products and enjoy great savings on their purchases.