How Does DTF Printing Work?

The Dtf printing process is a heat transfer method that allows users to print designs directly onto fabric with ease. This allows customers to customize their own t-shirts, hoodies, or home decor items with custom images that they can apply themselves with a simple heat press. It’s easy to see why this type of printing is becoming a popular choice for business owners looking to add a new revenue stream to their brand.

Is DTG printing good quality?

Unlike screen printing, which requires multiple screens for each color in the design, dtf printing utilizes a single printer to print directly onto polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film. This film is much thinner than the typical screen printing films, which offers better transferring properties when using DTF inks.

Specialized DTF inks are used to ensure that the printed designs will adhere to the film and transfer seamlessly onto fabric. These inks have a wide color gamut to ensure that colors can be printed accurately. Additionally, these inks have a high washability to ensure that prints remain vibrant and clean over time.

Once the CMYK inks have been printed on the film, a white powder is then applied to the top of the film to set the ink and prevent it from fading or washing away over time. This can be done manually, although large-scale commercial DTF setups typically use an automatic powder shaker that coats the entire surface of the film with hot melt powder uniformly and evenly.