Shopping For a Meat Slicer Part

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Which equipment is used for meat slicing?

Meat Slicer Part

Whether you’re slicing deli meat or cheese, there are a few things to keep in mind while using your meat slicer. First, be sure to always wash your hands and put on cut-resistant gloves before operating the machine. Second, be careful not to bend over the machine while slicing or else you could potentially get your fingers caught in the blade. And finally, make sure your slicer is turned off and plugged in when not in use.

Other important factors when shopping for a meat slicer include the size of the blade and how thick you want to slice. Smaller operations may be able to manage with a smaller blade, while larger operations should consider investing in a higher-quality model with a wider, more durable blade that can handle greater volume.

It’s also essential to purchase a model with a blade sharpener and food-safe blade guard, as well as a pusher that attaches to the product table or carriage. This holds the food still while you move it across the blade to ensure consistent, uniform slices. Lastly, you should look for a slicing surface that’s grooved and set at a particular angle so your product will slide more easily toward the blade. Depending on your operation, you may also want to select a model with an adjustable thickness setting.