NBA spread picks are based on statistics and analysis of teams, players and matchups. Oddsmakers take into account the recent success of each team, their overall strength, home court advantage and any injuries that may affect either player or squad.

In general, betting lines will show a favored team with a minus sign and an underdog with a plus sign. A minus sign indicates that the team must win by more than five points for bettors to profit from a bet on them. Similarly, a positive sign means the team must lose by less than five points for bettors to profit on a bet against them.

Spreading the Win: A Guide to NBA Spread Picks and Predictions

The Over/Under or total number of points scored in a game is also displayed in a sports betting odds listing. This number is determined by factoring in the strength of each team, the matchup, injury issues, fatigue, and head-to-head history.

During a game, the point spread can change dramatically based on real-time betting action. If the public is heavily leaning in one direction, the oddsmakers will add or subtract points from the line to balance the action. It’s important to track the line movements as you make your NBA spread bets because it can give you a huge edge over the bookmakers. This is especially true if you can identify a pattern. For instance, if the same team is repeatedly fading and you’re able to spot it early on, you can make an adjustment before the public hammers that team again.