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911 Exterminators are unsightly and in severe cases can cause damage to the value of a home or its structural integrity. They can bite, sting or transmit diseases and infest homes with unpleasant smells. A pest infestation can also compromise your safety and that of your children, pets or spouse. The first step in controlling pests is to eliminate their food and water sources. This can be done by storing food in tightly closed containers and placing garbage in a sealed trash bin. Fixing leaky pipes and regularly removing garbage will help prevent the spread of pests as well.

Licensed pest control professionals are trained to identify the specific species of pest, their preferred environment and the best methods to eradicate them safely from your property. They will also share their knowledge with you and offer suggestions on how to avoid pests in the future.

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A complete pest control service includes a thorough inspection of the property by a professional to identify entry points and potential problem areas. They will then create a pest treatment plan with your specific needs in mind. They will provide a detailed report of their findings and schedule recurring visits to ensure your pest problem does not return.

When selecting a pest control company, look at how long they have been in business and read customer reviews. Check with your state licensing department to make sure the company is properly licensed to apply pesticides and has no outstanding complaints against them. It is also important to ask about the training of their pest management specialists.

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