Point Cook Schools and Local Amenities

point cook schools

Point cook residents want better schools and local amenities, including public transport. Almost every local the ABC spoke to mentioned the notoriously busy Point Cook Road and a desire for more frequent bus services. In addition, residents want to see better connections between their suburb and Melbourne’s centre.

Point cook schools  is a growing area with rapid population growth. Alamanda College is one of the largest single-campus schools in Victoria, with 3300 students. Meron Tabor, a parent of two children at the school, said it was illustrative of the speed of growth in Wyndham and the challenge for schools to keep up with demand. “It’s pretty crazy,” she said. “School pick-up times get pretty crazy, despite staggered bell times and there’s just not enough room for the kids to play.

Educational Excellence in Point Cook: A Guide to Top Schools in Melbourne’s Suburb

There are also concerns about the quality of public education in Point Cook, particularly the high number of international students attending local schools. The local community wants more support for these students, as well as improved teacher training.

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