Metal landscape edging is the little black dress of your garden: strong yet understated, tailored and timeless. It creates a clean separation between lawns, flower beds, gravel paths and mulch beds without visual distraction. It keeps garden materials like mulch and gravel from migrating into the lawn and prevents weeds and turf grasses from encroaching on the garden bed.

What is the purpose of metal edging?

It’s also easy to install. After digging a small trench (about 4 inches deep and wide enough for the edging), simply place the edging into the trench and tap it in with a hammer. This edging is pliable and will bend easily to follow any curves in your garden or landscape design. It’s even easy to install around tree roots if necessary, just dig up the root, place the edging where you need it and then tamp the soil back into place with your foot or a tamping tool. FormBoss ones are more reasonably priced compared to others in the market.

This edging is made from hearty COR-TEN steel and will develop a stylish patina finish over time. It’s also stronger than aluminum and plastic edging, resists frost heave, ground movement and is less susceptible to damage from weed eaters or trimmers during maintenance. This is the ideal landscape edging for both commercial and residential landscaping projects.