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Introduction to the principles of biology, focusing on ecology and evolution. Topics include cellular and population-level systems biology. Cellular systems include models of genetic switches and oscillators, gene networks and cellular decision-making; population-level systems include models of pattern formation, resource sharing, competition, predation and mutualism. Students taking the graduate version of this course explore these topics in more depth.

Seminars and hands-on laboratory experiences. Students work on research-related problems in the biological sciences and learn how to critically read primary scientific literature, with small class sizes facilitating discussions and interactions with an active researcher. Students also visit research laboratories to see firsthand how biological research is conducted.

In this introductory zoology course, students develop critical zoological laboratory skills such as dissection of preserved and live animals, identification of common local animal species, use of both compound and dissecting microscopes, and careful observation of both live and preserved specimens. Students also gain an understanding of the diversity and relationships among organisms through comparisons of exemplar species representing the major animal phyla.