Passover Programs

Passover Programs are strictly kosher for Passover accommodations that allow Jewish families to travel during Pesach and enjoy the holiday without having to cook in their own homes. The programs offer a full range of meals including traditional Passover dishes like matzah, gefilte fish and brisket. They also feature Seders led by rabbis and cantors who are experienced in leading Passover ceremonies. This link

Most Passover Programs are located in popular vacation destinations. They may be based in the US or in international locations such as Dubai, South Africa or Israel. They also provide a wide variety of activities and amenities that make them enjoyable for the whole family.

The Most Affordable Passover Programs for Budget-Conscious Travelers

Many of the programs have children’s activities as well as entertainers such as comedians and performers who put on entertaining shows for the guests. These shows are usually included in the price of the program. The programs also usually have shuttles that will take guests to nearby towns or beaches. They will pack a boxed lunch for the guests so that they don’t have to worry about finding food during chol hamoed while they are on the go.

Most of the programs have a mashgiach on site who is responsible for ensuring that all meals are kosher for Passover. They will also typically have a 24 hour tea room that is open throughout the day so that people can get a snack or beverage whenever they want. The programs will often serve gebrochts as part of their menus and some even offer kitniyot.