Amish Baskets

Amish Baskets

Weaving baskets is a time-honored craft passed down from generation to generation. Amish families often weave baskets for a variety of purposes, including for the house, garden, kitchen, home decor or as food carriers. These baskets can be found at small country gift shops, Amish markets or roadside stands. Source

Whether you’re looking for an antique-style basket for your garden or a functional one for storing food, we have just what you need! This year, the Jacksonport Craft Cottage is featuring beautiful Amish made baskets with bold color accents from Samuel and Emma Swartzentruber of Minnesota.

Step Baskets

These entirely woven, step baskets come in three sizes and all five accent colors. Many people use them for collecting eggs or putting Easter baskets together, and they’re also great for storing toys!

The History of Amish Baskets: From Functionality to Artistry

These Amish made business card holders make a wonderful gift for that new business person in your life. They have a beautiful design that will make it easy to keep all of their important cards organized!

Oblong Napkin holders and Salt & Pepper Holders

Amish made oblong napkin holders are the perfect addition to any table when space is tight. They also make great wedding and bridal shower gifts!

Cracker Baskets and Heart Baskets

These Amish made cracker baskets are the perfect way to serve wine, cheese or crackers during entertaining. They’re a timeless piece and heirloom quality that will add beauty to any home.