Phone number risk score is a way to detect fraudulent behavior. It is calculated by looking at a number’s reputation, carrier, and other attributes.

Your Phone Number Is Going To Get A Reputation Score

IPQS, an industry leader in phone number intelligence, offers a variety of services that allow businesses to monitor and mitigate risk. Specifically, IPQS offers a Phone Validation API service that helps to identify VOIP numbers, users, and payments.

IPQS also provides a number of risk analysis tools that detect high-risk behavior. This includes identifying robocallers, temporary phone numbers, and fraud. In addition, IPQS helps companies protect their data against emerging threats.

IPQS’s services are used by companies to prevent account takeovers, suspicious payments, and business email compromises. The company also helps to stop unauthorized chargebacks.

IPQS’s products and services provide a comprehensive phone number blacklist, with new information updating hourly. Using this information, IPQS can quickly identify fake accounts and abusers. Moreover, the company provides support 7 days a week.

IPQS’s risk scoring tools are integrated with analytic platforms. These platforms use a combination of algorithms, such as Hiya, First Orion, and TNS, to detect fraudulent behavior and prevent the abuse of temporary phone numbers.

A reverse phone lookup is another useful tool for detecting spam and fraudulent activity. When performed on a number, the reverse lookup will reveal whether the number is a disconnected or disposable number. If it is a temporary number, it likely represents a fraudulent user.

Another phone number-related technology is the Ekata Phone Intelligence API. This API offers a comprehensive phone data set and can be used to segment databases, analyze database contents, and inform risk models.