Black children books

Finding Black children’s books with Black characters can be challenging, but you don’t have to give up hope! There are a number of websites dedicated to promoting Black children’s books. One of the most popular is Black Children’s Books and Authors, which lists new releases from authors of color. This site also hosts author cover reveals, provides an author directory, and offers a guide to Black-authored books. Additionally, it hosts a book fest and boosts social media posts about Black-authored books.

If you want to support Black children’s authors, you can purchase their books on Amazon. You can also check out We Read Too, which is an app that features books written by people of color. The app started as a language school in Rome, and it now features books by and about people of color. The app is free to download, and you can even get affiliate links for the books you choose.

Another great choice for young readers is A Snowy Day, by American author Ezra Jack Keats. The book is the first picture book to feature an African-American child and was published in 1964. In the years following, other books about African-American children have been published. These books are great for young readers, as they can help them understand African-American history and culture.

If you’re looking for a children’s book to celebrate Black history, you might want to consider Faith Ringgold’s Tar Beach, which is part autobiography and part fantasy. The book details the dreams of an eight-year-old girl who flies over an apartment building rooftop. The book also promotes themes like poverty and the importance of big dreams. It is an excellent choice for young readers who want to celebrate their freedom while learning about Black history.