The tyres on your motorcycle should be carefully chosen and have the right tread for traction. The tread of your motorcycle tyres is crucial because it will help you maintain traction on dry roads and push water away from you in wet conditions. They should also be made to be stable when you ride. Read on to learn more about the different types of motorcycle tyres nz.

 What Types of Tyres Are Available in New Zealand?

The minimum tread depth for legal use on a motorcycle is 1.5mm along the principal grooves. There is a small flap of rubber that measures this distance. You should measure this depth with a gauge at a few points around the circumference of the tyre. A tread depth below 1.5mm will reduce your tyre’s performance when riding in the wet. Ideally, your tyres should have at least 2mm of tread.

In order to ensure the safety of your new motorcycle tyres, you should always warm them before using them. To warm them, you need to take a long ride, preferably on the highway. While the best way to warm up tyres is to accelerate them slowly, this isn’t an option for most riders. In racing, tyre warmers are used to heat the tyre slowly and evenly.

In addition to maintaining proper pressure on your motorcycle tyres, you should also check for cracks and other signs of damage. If the tread depth is below 2mm, you should consider getting them replaced. The same applies if the tyres have been used for more than five years. If they are too worn, they can cause poor grip and lack of confidence in your riding. Check your tyres every now and then, and make sure they are inflated properly.