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If you are searching for a personal injury attorney omaha lawyer in Omaha, Nebraska, look no further. At the Demerath Law Office, you can count on a team of experienced lawyers who will provide you with the legal services you need. From accident claims to dog bites, these attorneys have the experience to win your case. Their attorneys use negotiation and litigation skills to achieve the compensation you deserve for your injuries, damages, and losses.

Your Omaha Personal Injury Attorney

Founded in 1985, Demerath Law Office is a family-run practice in Omaha, Nebraska. With 45 years of experience, the firm represents individuals and families who have been injured by negligence or the reckless behavior of others. Its attorneys offer legal advice and representation in personal injury lawsuits, slip and fall lawsuits, and wrongful death cases. Jill Abrahamson is a member of the firm and has volunteered in Nepal before joining the firm. She is a member of the Omaha bar association and has extensive trial experience.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, you deserve more money for your injuries. But to get the compensation you deserve, you must hire the right car accident lawyer. These lawyers understand the intricacies of the insurance system and how to effectively negotiate with insurance companies. They will not give up until you’ve received maximum compensation for your suffering. So, why settle for less? Contact a personal injury lawyer in Omaha, Nebraska today!