For many years now, the police detector for car is known as the Pulse Locator or PLS. This is a rather unique type of detector, one which is designed to alert both police and non police vehicles of intrusions and criminal activity. The laser detector as it is also known works in a similar fashion, alerting the police about any intruders or criminal activity emanating from a certain area. It is important to note that the original Pulse Locator was an infrared device and worked using radio waves. Since the newer LIDAS has a far infrared option, it can also detect objects which are far away from the original beam which was transmitted.

The Philosophy Of Why You Should Have A Portable Dash Cam Long Range Cobra Radar Detector

police detector for car

One of the most interesting aspects of the LIDAS is that while it can detect items up to two miles away, it only alerts the police if the car has actually been broken into. This means that although the LIDAS can save the driver from unnecessary delays whilst being pursued by criminals, it also means that the alerts can often be misconstrued by criminals as false alarms. For this reason, many police forces have issued guidelines advising the use of the red light and amber signal while driving, as well as making it compulsory for all drivers to wear their correct reflective vests at all times. While these measures may seem minimal, they have proved to be invaluable in many situations, as many attempted attacks on car drivers have failed miserably when the driver fails to detect the red light or the amber light going out.

To ensure that the police are made aware of suspicious activities, the LIDAS can be connected to the Police Auto Response System, better known as the ARS. This highly sophisticated vehicle tracking system is able to keep track of hundreds of vehicles at once and is able to send alerts directly to the police control room, so that they can launch themselves into action as soon as possible. Some handheld dash cams now incorporate the iradar app, which is capable of monitoring not only the vehicle’s front and rear views, but can also record voice commands directly to the device, which allows the driver to respond more quickly. The iradar app can also be pre-programmed to send emergency contact details at a given time, which may prove useful if people can’t reach the police control room in time to help the injured road user.