pneumatic vacuum cleaners

Pneumatic vacuum cleaners are very popular, especially for those who have busy lives and do not have time to clean their homes. The suction produced by a pneumatic vacuum cleaner is much more powerful than that produced by either a standard vacuum cleaner or a dust/mildew collector. They can clean and remove both fabric and drywall dust from homes as well as many other kinds of debris. Although they are powered by compressed air, the noise and vibrations that result are usually minimal. Some models have a power switch which can turn off the compressor and start the engine if desired.

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A common type of pneumatic vacuum cleaner is a drum lid vacuum. These models are more often used in residential homes and are rather inexpensive compared to commercial types. Most drum lid cleaners have either a light or dark colored cover plate and are equipped with a hose, wand, compressor and reusable bag. The majority of drum lid cleaners use either a single or double action trigger to release the cleaning air. Many models also have ergonomic handles on the wand and compressor.

Probably the most commonly seen model is the dust/mildew and fabric cleaner. The dust/mildew cleaner is used to remove both drywall dust and mildew from the walls and ceilings in both residential and commercial settings. Fabric cleaners are used mainly to clean carpets and upholstery. Dust collectors and extractors are used to collect dust while the drum vacuum is used to vacuum out the remains. All these models, whether a belt fed or a drum vacuum, utilize a sealed power supply and require no external power supply.