A fire watch guard is an experienced and trained professional who you hire to patrol a certain area on the property so as to identify potential fire hazards. Fire watches are made up of a team consisting of an Engine Service Technician along with one or more of the following individuals; an Office Assistant, a Security Officer, a Plumber or a Roofing Contractor. Fire Watch Services | Tech Times Guards is always deployed on a part time basis. In the event of a fire occurrence within your premises a fire watch guard must be immediately called to the incident. Fire watches will respond to all calls for assistance and stand by at designated exits within the property until all the required emergency personnel have been dispatched.

Fire Watch Guards Protect People and Structures From Fire Threats

Fire Watch Guards is highly visible personnel who are dressed in full protective clothing. The fire watch guards are not permitted to carry weapons unless they are servicing high-risk premises. Fire Watch Guards are only allowed to attend fires where they are expected to be on duty. Therefore, they will not respond to a domestic fire in the house. They have to travel a long way to attend a fire which may have occurred in the basement. It is important for fire watch guards to know their exact location so that they can respond to all emergency calls for assistance.

Fire Watch Guards work as an integral part of fire prevention measures within the property. This enables them to react quickly when a fire occurs and give their full attention to protecting lives and valuables. Fire Watch Guards is also responsible for checking and maintaining the working correctly of the fire alarm system and are trained to spot any faulty functioning. A successful functioning of the fire system reduces the risks of fire damage.