Military Products is generally manufactured for the active military, but can also be adapted to civilian use. This is why many companies have decided to take this route, so that they can sell the same items to both the armed forces and the regular civilian population. Some of the items that can be found are: guns, ammo and weapons, uniforms, camo gear, binoculars, optics, knives, scopes, night vision scopes, tactical vests, military helmets, night vision goggles, tactical vests, sleeping bags and more. These are all items that can be bought with the purchase of a military item. The same can be said for body armor and other protective wear. See website for more.


Military Products also caters to contractors and subcontractors who have a contract with the military to provide them with equipment or services. It is usually these companies who have developed, adapted or produced the military item. There are a number of subcontractors, who make a number of military products and who provide them to other contractors. These are companies like Sikors and Protectors, LLC and Blackhawk Technologies, LLC, to name a few. They have developed, produced and provided protective wear for all branches of the armed forces.


It is important that any company looking to develop, manufacture, adapt or produce a military product must comply with all the legal requirements of the United States government. It must be created according to United States military requirements and must be certified by a United States authorized representative. It must also be approved by the United States Department of Defense. Any company wishing to sell military apparel or equipment that is not on this list, may not do business with the United States military.