Web design bury St EdmundsWeb Design by WebMD is a wonderful and easy web design option for small to medium sized business. In the last year Google has launched several new features to their web site including Webmail, Google+ Local, Google Places, Google Finance and Google Translate. All these services are designed to give webmasters a better user experience on their web site and also to help them get ahead in their industry. Google has now teamed up with WebMD to provide webmasters with a free online webinar that will explain all of the latest Google updates, including the new Web mail service as well as Google+ Local, Google finance and Google translate. During the webinar WebMD representatives will be speaking about the importance of email list integration and why Google+ Local are beneficial for businesses as well as individuals.

web design bury st edmunds


Web Design Buried Under This

The first step that a web design agency must take when designing a website is building an email list. The average online marketer today is constantly working hard to build an email list of leads so they can do follow up and market to them at any time of the year. However, it is important to understand that no marketing campaign is successful without traffic. For example, if you were running a construction company you wouldn’t be building a website unless you had a solid understanding of how to generate traffic to your web site. The same goes for any web design agency.

In the above article we talked about web design firm using Google+ Local, Google map and email list integration to market to their clients. What’s the next step for your web design agency? If you are a service-based business, such as a property maintenance company, landscaping company, etc, you may want to start a blog on your website to reach out to your clients on a more personal level. You can begin by creating a Google+ Local account and then start interacting with your clients through your blog. By doing this, not only will your clients be able to get in touch with you via a Google+ Local post, but it will also provide them with more local information, which can help them better connect with you.