Some References of Favorite Makassar Culinary

Makassar is one of the big towns in Indonesia. This town is located in the eastern part of Indonesia and specifically it is in Sulawesi Island. This town is known as the port town and also the main gate to enter the area of eastern Indonesia because of the access for transportation, including the harbor and airport. In fact, it is not only about the gate to enter the other areas in eastern Indonesia. In fact, this town also has good destinations to visit. One of them is about the iconic beach called Pantai Losari or Losari Beach. This is the iconic spot of tourism in Makassar. This beach has large area for doing many kinds of activities. There is also famous Toraja tribe in the Toraja Highland that can present great value of cultural heritages. In this case, Makassar also has great points related to its culinary. There are many options of Favorite Makassar Culinary and these will be great for people who love to enjoy special culinary from certain place.

Talking about reference of Favorite Makassar Culinary, the most popular food or culinary option in Makassar is seafood. Seafood becomes the main favorite foods in Makassar. This fact cannot be separated from the condition of Makassar as the harbor and close the beach and sea. This provides various food ingredients for seafood. Among the great seafoods in Makassar, crab can be great option to find. In this case, giant crabs can be found in Makassar and they can give great tastes. There are still many other menus related to this ingredient. Fish are fried or grilled and they can give great tastes that will characterize the authentic taste of Makassar. In this case, seafood is not the only food to find in Makassar. In fact, there are still many other choices of favorite culinary in Makassar.

It is true that there are still other choices of Favorite Makassar Culinary. It is not only limited to the seafood. There are still many other tasty foods that will satisfy the tummy and tongue.

  • Coto Makassar or Coto Mangkasara is one of the famous food from Makassar. Because of its popularity and its great taste it is possible to find Coto Makassar in other island. When people taste this food, they will find that this food has rich stew coming from ground peanuts. Then, there are also beefs to create the great taste. Sometimes, there are also offal found in the dish. The taste of this coto will be great when it is served when it is still hot.
  • Then, there is Sop Saudara. In fact, this is quite similar to Coto Makassar. Howeve, there is no stew made from ground peanuts. This is usually served with rice while coto Makassar is with ketupat. The same ingredients can be found in its beef or offal. For taste, of course it is different from Coto Makassar.
  • For snacks, the famous one is pisang epe. This made from bananas. The bananas are pressed and grilled. Then, it is served with sauce made from melted brown sugar. Commonly it has some options of topping, such as cheese and chocolate. This snack can be found easily around Losari Beach and this can be great snack while enjoying the beautiful view offered by Losari Beach.

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